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Pisces Horoscope
(February 19 – March 20)

Pisces Horoscope Forecast
About Pisces

Symbol:  Pisces Symbol
Sign name:  Pisces
English name:  The Two Fish
Element:  Water
Quality:  Mutable
Polarity:  Negative
Planet:  Neptune
Period of birth:  February 20 - March 20

Pisces Are you born under the sign of Pisces? If you do then you almost certainly have lots of friends, as you comprise an accommodating and soft nature that achieves it easy for other persons to be around you. A Pisces is more to be expected to move with the flow fairly than whirl upstream to try to modify individuals or their surroundings.

They tend be more expressive, relatively than logical and questioning. They do not succeed in extremely high closely controlled environments. Nine-to-five careers are abhorrence to the Pisces character. They are strained to conditions where they can make use of their arty contributions and their gratitude of art and nature. They care for extravagance and enjoyment. They can judge on their feet and get pleasure from new circumstances and transformation. They are good and happy in the turf of music, literature or art.

Who can be the ideal love mate or partner for Pisces? Not the craggy, caveman kind, of course. A correlation with a Pisces will be encountering of the mind and spirit, fewer so than the body. Piscian are intellectual and not very much sexual. They require to be courted tenderly. They are extremely loving and faithful and have a monogamous nature. Do not neglect this rare individual.

If you are a Pisces or you are born under this sign, you may discover yourself rarely being walked over or in use advantage of for the reason that you have a flexible nature. You may have to find approaches to affirm yourself that’s in harmony with your psyche. Since you are inclined to go with the flow and live in the jiffy, you may have a money-budgeting method that can put you short of cash at times. You may want to be harsher with yourself to make sure that doesn’t occur. Next time you are itinerant around a department store, simply do a speedy count of the whole thing before you get to the teller. Leave at least half of it in return, if not more. Probability are it will still be there the next time you have cash in your pouch!
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